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A chimney that has cleaned and inspected by a professional certified chimney sweep is a safe chimney. Exhaust gases from wood, oil, coal, pellet, and gas heating appliances produces chemicals and condensation which deteriorates the interior of the chimney and cause the clay flue tiles and other masonry to break down, or even possibly collapse, which allows smoke and deadly carbon monoxide intrusion into your home! Every chimney needs to be swept and inspected by a certified chimney sweep on a regular basis.

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  • Oil Flues - Oil chimney sweeping and inspection is necessary to remove oil soot (unburned carbon & sulfur produced from the furnace) which deteriorates the interior of a chimney.  If the chimneys are not swept on a regular basis,  the lining will deteriorate and break down from a  sulfuric acid reaction, possibly even collapse, allowing deadly carbon monoxide intrusion into tour home! 

  • Wood Burning Flues - Cleaning and inspection of wood stoves, inserts & wood furnaces should be done on a yearly basis. The creosote must be removed by sweeping the flue, the stove pipe and removing the accumulated creosote at the base. Then the chimney and stove should be inspected for any cracks and proper installation and clearances to combustibles, according to the NFPA-211 national code (which is designed for your protection). More and more insurance companies are requiring wood stoves to be certified by a "CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep”.

  • Fireplace Systems - Fireplaces need to be cleaned to remove the creosote  from the flue, smoke chamber, damper shelf (very important because creosote accumulates on the shelf and can only be cleaned by removing the damper or vacuuming it), damper throat and firebox. Cleaning the fireplace on a regular basis will help prevent chimney fires and keep a good flow of air so there is no smoke backup. Just a small amount of creosote on the liner can severely restrict the flow of air.

  • Pellet Stoves  - Pellet stove chimneys should also be cleaned on a yearly basis. Each stove comes with manufacturers instructions that guide the homeowner on daily or weekly cleaning instructions, but the chimney also needs professional swept to remove the ash produced from the pellets in the chimney.

  • All of our chimney liner systems are constructed of high quality stainless steel using either 304L ,316TI or AL24 stainless. They come as a system with tee thimbles, top plates and rain caps.  We use nothing but high quality materials that have been tested and listed by Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. to UL1777 standards  for use in conjunction with any listed appliance when installed according to the manufacturers installation and maintenance instructions. They have outstanding performance and will help your heating device run at its maximum efficiency, and give you the most safety for you and your family.  Most of our liners carry a lifetime warranty!

  • Liners are designed to carry the high temperature of wood burning products. Even clay tile liner systems, which were developed in the early 1900's, crack (mostly from heat expansion), deteriorate or are not installed correctly.

  • Oil and gas furnaces produce condensation and acidic soot, which quickly deteriorate brick and clay tiles. Older furnaces ran so inefficient, that the exhaust gases were very hot and do not produce the condensation that the new units do today, so the problems were not as severe.

  • Today, because of the efficiency of oil and gas furnaces producing lower temperature flue gases and a high level of condensation, chimneys require newer liner systems. Most chimneys are not adequate for newer wood, oil, coal, pellet and gas devices which require smaller liners to function properly and safely.


  • Video Inspections

  • Chimney Lining & Relining

  • Fireplace Restoration

  • Tear Offs and Rebuilds

  • Firebox Repairs

  • Repointing

  • Brick Repair

  • Fireplace Glass Doors

  • Draft Troubleshooting

  • Flashing Replacement

  • Stain Removal

  • Video Inspections

  • Waterproofing

  • Dampers

  • Wood Stoves

  • Insulated Chimneys

  • Prefab Fireplaces

  • S.S. Rain Caps

  • Flagstone caps

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